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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is a form of direct marketing or you can say it is the advertisement of a product or service through electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience. Email marketing is also used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers and to gain new customers.

Email Marketing is the best and an effective way to attract new customers by keep in touch with them and reducing the operating cost. We provide the E-mail Marketing campaign with the features such as creating relevant data base for your target market, writing effective mail message to increase response rate from customers and sending mails at one-to-one bases. We have a good control over your email marketing campaign strategies.

E-mail marketing is the term which refers:

  • To send e-mails for acquiring current customers or convincing new customers to purchase something immediately
  • To send e-mails to enhance the relationship of a business with its previous or current customers and to encourage customer to repeat the business
  • To add advertisements to e-mails sent by other companies to their customers


E-mail marketing has become very popular because:

  • Sending email is much cheaper than other forms of communication for marketing
  • It has proven very successful for those who do it right
  • Email enables you to deliver your message to the people

There are number of businesses who are finding it more difficult to turn a Professional Email Marketing Company for better results. If you are also finding difficulties then you have come to the right place. SeoMP offers innovative services to optimize your email marketing campaigns at an affordable rates. We focus on your business and able to find out prospective buyers for your product and services from the Internet world. We can also customize our services to suit your goals and budget.


Email Marketing packages

As low as $25/mo

Easy-to-use tools empower businesses to connect with their customers to grow their business. Every customer interaction provides an opportunity to grow your sales and improve your reputation while attracting new customers. Get Customer Feedback, Email Marketing, & Survey tools all in one package.


All the tools needed for your business.

As low as $25/mo


All the features needed for a growing customer base.
Plus has larger email distribution for survey tools and marketing services.
As low as $50/mo



All the tools needed for a growing, larger base of customers.
Enterprise allows for departments/organizational units and advanced reports.
As low as $100/mo


Enterprise Plus

Enterprise level capabilities for maximum customer visibility.
Enterprise Plus has everything needed for superior reporting and customer contact.
As low as $150/mo


Packages include easy-to-use tools to help manage your customer feedback, email marketing and surveys.

  • Email Marketing keeps you in touch with your current customers. Use our easy-to-use templates to create newsletters, promotions, and more. Analyze your campaign data with e-mail reporting, tracking and graphing features - including open and click through rates.
  • Customer Feedback helps you attract new customers--over 77% of online shoppers turn to consumer reviews when making a purchasing decision. Research also shows that when customers are prompted for feedback they leave more of it and it is generally positive.
  • Dispute Resolution helps you manage your online reputation--by requiring a good faith effort to resolve disputes, businesses and consumers have resolved over 90% of their negative reviews through our EM Control Panel.
  • Our Email Marketing Dashboard provides you with up-to-date data on your account including historical review data, review and dispute alerts and traffic statistics. Use the information to optimize and grow your business.
  • Survey tools help you to quickly create and send great looking customer satisfaction surveys. Find out how you are doing or how you can improve your business directly from your customers.