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Pay Per Click

PPC Advertising Campaigns:

  • Report of the top combinations of the target phrases and other terms.
  • List of costs for top placement on Overture, Ah-Ha and LookSmart for the target phrase and its appropriate combinations.
  • Identification of "Best Buys," providing you maximum return on investment.
  • Purchase of appropriate placement - no surcharges involved.

PPC advertising & search engine marketing services for top search engine positioning by Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros, Seattle based search engine positioning company.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros observe your customers' searching habits in our role as your Internet Marketing Strategist. Then we present you with a comprehensive plan. Your investment in Internet Marketing Research saves you time and money and increases your chances of success and your return on investment in advertising.

Business Analysis (Understanding Your Business)

We research and study till we gain a solid understanding of the entire scope of your business.
Next, we build a master list of potential keywords and key phrases to buy.

Placement Analysis (Measuring Opportunity)

Instead of guessing or "brainstorming" your keyword list, you need to know exactly what phrases are being searched, and exactly how often. Our proprietary analysis tells you that and much more.
We help you decide how to allocate your resources, including time, effort and money.
Some browsing behaviors will clearly show a customer who is looking to buy. We help you to spend your advertising dollars on buyers, not browsers.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros PPC analysis is based on the keyword master list we generate with you.
-Report of the top combinations of the target phrases and other terms.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Pros will manage the appropriate Pay-per-Click accounts.

-This ensures that your program is professionally maintained, saving you time and ensuring against costly errors.
-Monthly reports of placement rankings are provided.
-Monthly reports monitoring the competition for specific key words and costs
-Changes to site description tags if it is appropriate

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Can you do it yourself? It is true that you can sign up with Overture and Adwords Select yourself, and play around with the ads and keywords. But you probably lack the experience, time and know-how to optimize your wording, bid on prices effectively and manage your campaign on a daily basis.

By all means, please go ahead and try out the systems for yourself first. When you are ready to bring in professional help, please contact us.